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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a car plunges into the potomac river. "good morning washington" begins right now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." captioned by the national captioning institute time to rise and shine. we begin with the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, here's our meteorologist. steve we are off to a warm start. >> already in the lower to middle seventies across most of the area. will only get warmer as the morning ours wear on. the cloud cover will keep our temperatures cooler than anticipated. satellite and radar. we have showers across the potomac highlands and the shenandoah valley. super doppler radar. no thunder and lightning but grabbed the umbrella. he may need it later on this afternoon with highest temperatures approaching the mid
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to upper 80's to lower 90's. tonight, 67-75 degrees. tomorrow 88-93. let's get a check on this morning's rush hour commute. an interesting morning. we have vehicles fire taking care of at the university boulevard. route 11 good. connecticut avenue near the beltway, we had a crash reported. normal travel times on 95 between richmond and baltimore. 5:01. some other traffic news this morning. we are following breaking news from george washington parkway. that is where a car left the road and ended up in the potomac river. police say a car involved in the crash went off the cliff and landed down and the river. amazingly, the woman was pulled from the water with minor injuries. we will have much more on the
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story coming up in a live report and a few minutes. today marks to two years since the deadly collision on metro's red line. today survivors and family members will remember the nine people that died when two trains collided. that crash happened near the fort totten metro station. >> good morning. a lot of the motion on this day for those families of the nine people who died two years ago today in that crash. today there will be a series of memorials. first, a wreath laying at 10:00. tonight, family members will gather for a candlelight vigil. for the family of a veronica the pain and loss is tremendous two years after their loved one was killed and the worst crash in metro history.
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>> this is historic. i do not think it should be forgotten. >> on the eve of the second anniversary of the crash that claimed nine lives, they posted makeshift memorial on the bridge that overlooks the crash site. >> we took our time doing this. >> her family is not satisfied that metro has improved on the technical and safety deficiencies that contributed to sell much pain. >> i look at metro like this, everybody goes to work, but nobody is doing their job. >> they insist that safety is their top priority and more resources are being invested to improve the system. an so in in a few hours from now, this tent will be filled with metro officials, survivors and family members honoring the victims that lost their lives to years ago today. >> a tragidc day.
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metro says it has made some safety improvements. replace the oldest rail cars and replacing switches that guides trained for one track to another. it also says it is trying to improve communication. 5:04. looking at the day ahead the president plans to announce the start of a drawdown in afghanistan. the military, political and financial implications are tremendous. john joins us with a look ahead and what we can expect in the president's address this evening. >> good morning. what the president is announcing is the beginning of the end of the longest war in u.s. history. tonight after a decade in afghanistan, the president will announce his own plan for troop withdrawal. it has been a decade of human sacrifice, more than 12,000 have
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been wounded 1500 americans have been killed in the war in afghanistan. on capitol hill, the debate has been furious, with some such as jim manshen calling for a major drawdown. others like john mccain saying that too fast withdrawal is too dangerous. when president obama took office, there were 34,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. there are now nearly 100,000. the president is expected to announce he will pull out 30,000 troops by the end of next year. that would include at least 5000 by this summer and at least another 5000 by next winter or spring. of course we can watch the president's announcement happening tonight 8:00 p.m. right here at abc 7. 5:05.
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it seems there is more trouble for newt gingrich's campaign. two aides quit. insiders say that his campaign suffers from week fund-raising and large bills. despite the setbacks, he says he is still in the race. another republican says he wants to take on president obama next year. >> i am a candidate for the office of president of the united states of america. >> that's a former utah governor jon huntsman who announced his candidacy in the shadow of the statue of liberty. he is still relatively unknown among republicans. he recently left his post as the u.s. ambassador to china. parts of north dakota are bracing for what could be the worst flooding in decades. authorities ordered about 11,000
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people in this city of minot to leave their homes by 6:00 this evening. the water threatens to breach levies by the end of the week. >> it is 71 degrees. still ahead, an unbelievable story. a car crashes and plunge 300 feet. here. the driver was rescued without any serious injury. a terrifying attack inside a woman's home. the breaking could be linked to dozens of others. first, it is hot and he met and there is a chance for severe storms. we have our
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wednesday morning. we dropped one degree out of reagan's national airport. now at 74. 73 dulles. the dewpoint levels upper 60's. and we are going to look for levels in the lower 70's later on this afternoon. satellite and radar. a few showers across the potomac highlands and the shenandoah valley. not going to amount to a
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lot. scattered storms later on this afternoon into the evening. this right here, nothing to worry about. quiet and dry. no weather problems for the rush hour commute. by evening, a few of those stores mr. tyrrell. upper 60's to lower to mid 70's. the day tomorrow, a repeat of today, slightly warmer but a better chance for severe weather during the afternoon hours. according to montgomery county public information office, we are getting word that about 200 traffic signals are not cycling properly, including portions of damascus, rockville german dotown and gaithersburg. 200 traffic signals not working or cycling wrong. not working its connecticut avenue with a crash northbound.
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they are closing the ramp from the outer loop to connecticut because of the accident. working very well is traffic in virginia. springfield. headlights. more of them starting to hit the road. will continue to check back with you to find out what is happening with the traffic lights in montgomery county. but now it is 5:12, 71 degrees. coming up in today's tech bites big numbers for a popular search engine. waiting to use your helmet clicks google got ina single month. >> a car crash sent the woman and her car plunging 200 feet into the river. >> what's trending on host: could switching to geico really
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more at our top stories. ceremonies will be held today to mark the second anniversary of the deadly metro red line crash. nine people died. was the deadliest accident in metro's history. president obama is set to unveil his plans for the future of u.s. operations in afghanistan. he is expected to announce that 10,000 u.s. troops will leave the country by early next year. 20,000 more will leave by the end of 2012. jury selection begins in the trial of four current and former new orleans police officers accused of gunning down unarm people trying to escape the city after hurricane
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katrina. the officers' lawyers say they acted in self-defense. 5:15. it was a close call for a driver traveling the george washington parkway. a chain reaction crash sent one car plunging 200 feet down a cliff. the driver was able to walk away with minor injury. we are following this story this morning. >> this accident, according to park police, happened just after 1:00 this morning. you can see behind me this scene is cleared, but that was not the case a couple of hours ago. we have a video of what that looks like early this morning. what police are saying is that it was a multi vehicle accident. one of the cars went off the road, plunging 200 feet into the potomac river and north of the spout run exit.
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we were told that the female driver of that car had to be rescued by park police. officers -- luckily she only received minor injuries. there were park police and fairfax county fire and ems. they close the park by for a couple of hours to investigate. no other people involved in the crash were seriously injured. there is no word on a cause or any sort of acting like baps -- thing like that. an incredible crash. 5:17. a hotly debated ward redistricting plan has final approval from the d.c. council. they passed the plan yesterday with one major change. woodley park will be entirely in ward 3. in today's tech bites
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google keeps on growing. a new upgrade for windows 7. google sets a record. in may it became the first website to attract more than 1 billion visitors and one month. microsoft website had 900 million. apple has a new iphone 5. it will come with a new powerful chips included in the ipad 2 so so it can process more data quickly. when does phone 7 is getting a major update this summer. kaite was impressed with the visual and audio effects. >> they are changing with updates about people or music and news or location information. they're dancing on the screen as you look at the phone. this whimsy is incorporated into the fall. i think it is delightful to use
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and look at. >> mango will be available from phones on all major carriers. boy it's already warm, even at this early hour. >> we were just talking -- gosh, it's so warm. yoyu have a heater. >> i like to feel like i'm in aruba at all times. >> today is summer in d.c. the sun is up in annapolis. a nother hot and humid day. 74 degrees at reagan national. feels like 78. 72 at wtop radio. fairfax reporting which 73 degrees. temperatures holding in the 70's. upper 60's in cumberland.
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a few showers across the potomac highlands and the shenandoah valley. not going to amount for a lot for the morning hours. this afternoon, the atmosphere may become more unstable. the possibility for thunderstorms. some may become severe. 87-92 degrees. you can track the storms on abc 7 doppler and use our interactive radar. 67-75 overnight. as we move to the day tomorrow, a repeat of what we had today. 88-93 with afternoon storms. our temperatures will cool for the second part of the weekend back to the upper 80's. nighttime lows in the 70's, falling into the 60's. lisa baden has breaking news of traffic lights. stores that winter yesterday knocked out some of the signals and they were off line. however, i have an update. i spoke with montgomery county
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traffic management center. they are very good at what they do. germantown gaithersburg, rockville and damascus. all those folks are experiencing problems with traffic signals. almost all the signals are back on line. they had a smattering, a handful of signals that are still not operating properly. there will be on line very soon. we will keep you posted on that. i wanted to show you -- montgomery county. see those flashing lights? that is a crash on northbound connecticut avenue and after 495. southbound is open out of kensington but northbound is closed. a quick response in montgomery county. 5:21 71 degrees. next, a ninth-inning rally. nats show fans why you should never leave the game early. coming up on "oprah" the mother who fathered her own children. the emmy winning cast of "modern
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family." >> tel
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the national's continue to make noise in major league baseball. they won nine out of 10 ballgames. last night's come-from-behind showcase was sensational against the mariners. the nationals were down 5-1, and then exploded. down 4 runs.
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the nationals and generated 4 hits. they made it 5-3. with 2 on, 2 outs, wilson ramos. look out. it's deep, it's gone. the nationals come from 4 down to win. the nats win 6-5. let me take you to pittsburgh. the orioles and the pirates. neil walker drove in 3 runs against the birds. big win for the pirates. the orioles lost seven of their last 10 games. have a great day everybody. stay cool. time is 5:25. 71 degrees. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. a woman attacked inside her
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home. what police say this could be linked to a possible serial bonds were. >> the second anniversary of the worst crash in dirk nowitzkmetro history. a few sprinkles across fairfax county into montgomery county. not going to amount to a lot this morning but grabbed the umbrella
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. this is historic. i do not think it should be forgotten. >> straight ahead, the emotional memorial to metro's deadly state. good morning to you washington. thanks for waking up with us. >> we start with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we have the first check out our forecast. >> we are looking at a few scattered showers across the area from the weather center. take a look at our live abc 7 doppler radar. you can see exactly where the showers and storms are located across fairfax county moving
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into montgomery county. and frederick county. not going to add up to a lot. more showers to the west across the potomac high winds and the shenandoah valley. 87-92 degrees with afternoon thunderstorms. you can track those thunderstorms at for tonight 67-75 degrees. tomorrow, back to the upper 80's to lower 90's and a better chance for severe thunderstorms. in montgomery county, some storms knocked several of the traffic signals out of sync with one another. however, when you consider how many traffic signals there are three damascus, rockville, it is byrd a germantown, you will find there are very few signals that may not be synchronized with the others. montgomery county traffic management center tells us all the signals will be working with one another very soon. in virginia, everything looks beautiful. 66 95, 395.
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westbound at glebe traffic gets by to the left. we have breaking news coming up soon on the trackside. not to greta and cynee. breaking news at 5:30. this is coming in from george washington parkway where an overnight accident sent a car into the potomac river. the car involved in the crash left the road and went off a cliff and landed in the water. amazingly, a woman was pulled from the river suffering minor injuries. we will have a live report in a few moments. 5:31, two years ago today of rush-hour ride on the red line ended in tragedy. two trains collided outside of the fort totten metro station. families of the victims will be gathering for a series of memorials to remember the ninth folks who never made it home that day. brianne carter is live with a
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preview. >> metro officials, survivors and family members will gather here for a memorial service and wreath laying at the metro station. to honor the first responders and survivors to acted quickly on that date. for many, it was two years still a tremendous pain. families of the victims posted an new makeshift memorial on the bridge over the station. for the family of one of the nine killed in the crash closure is almost impossible. >> every life was of averagvaluable. >> this is historic. i do not think it should be forgotten. >> now this family says they are still having a hard time with metro.
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they are still unsatisfied with the work that has been done. metro officials that part -- safety is their number one priority and they have done so much in the past two years. again, this morning metro officials and families of the victims will be here at 10:00 for a ceremony and tonight the victims' families will gather for a candlelight vigil. two years after the crash a multimillion-dollar lawsuit has not been resolved. it is set to go to trial in february of next year, but some or all of the parties may sell before then. the families are seeking damages from metro and from the companies that provide equipment. >> in the day ahead president obama will outline his blueprint for a drop of troops in afghanistan. >> the president will address the nation tonight. john hendron has a look ahead.
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>> it is beginning of the end of the longest war in u.s. history. >> there are concerns among the american people. we are tired of the decade of war. >> it has been a decade of human sacrifice. more than 2000 -- 12,000 have been wounded, 1500 killed. the debate on capitol hill has been furious. >> i believe it is time for us to rebuild america not afghanistan. >> others echoing some military leaders say too fast is too dangerous. >> since 2009 when the search began, we have had success on the ground in afghanistan. >> i do not see improvement. i see deterioration. >> the president plans to pull out 30,000 troops by the end of 2012 with 5000 likely due out this summer and another 5000 by next spring. you can watch the president's announcement tonight at 8:00 right here on abc 7. first lady michelle obama
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will spend time with the next generation of african leaders today. this comes a day after she visited with the global icon nelson mandela. the first lady and her daughters visited an apartheid museum and red and played with preschoolers at a community center. 5:35, and we are following developments from arizona where firefighters may be getting the upper hand on several wildfires. a fire in the southeastern part of the state could be fully contained by tonight. another fire is said to be 40% contained. the wallow fire is said to be 50% contained. police are looking for a man who has been breaking into apartments in prince george's county and attacking women. the most recent attack happened early yesterday morning in hyattsville. a woman woke up to find a masked
5:36 am
man in her bedroom. they went door-to-door to warn women about the threat. >> i am very alarmed, especially as a single woman. the company zone is kind of violated if he cannot come and go as you please. >> police think the same man is responsible for nine similar attacks in the past year. >> it's 5:36. wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords husband announced he will devote his entire attention to her recovery. he is retiring from nasa to spend more time with his wife. they will write a book about their life story and all they have endured so far. >> that will be some book, a best-seller. >> amazing story. 71 degrees. a very close call on the gw parkway. how driver survived a 200 foot
5:37 am
fall. >> plus, tracy morgan's apology tour. >> we will have another check
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>> hi, i'm chris morris. i teach visual arts.
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we offer classes for infants through adults. good morning washington. >> welcome back. hope you are having a good start your wednesday morning. a few showers outside. take a look at our abc 7 live super doppler radar. the showers concentrated mainly across the northern fairfax county into montgomery county and stretching north and frederick county. widely scattered, and not going to add up to a lot. showers across the potomac highlands and the shenandoah valley, but those will peter out over the next hour or two. some stores may become severe. 87-92 degrees. near 80 for ocean city. throw in a stray shower, and tonight dropping out to the upper 60's to middle 70's. hgihs will approach the
5:41 am
upper 80s to lower 90s tomorrow. in like every county, -- montgomery county, they are working on several traffic signals that are out of sync with one another. so if you drive to gaithersburg, germantown, rockville, or damascus be careful because some of the signals may be out of sync. they are cleaning up the crash on connecticut avenue. her'es de ballet. much smoother. in exit from the belt way onto connecticut ave. of kensington to chevy chase has been reopened where we had an accident. a beautiful trip in virginia, 95, 66 395 no accident. metro rail, normal service. >> sounds good. 5:41 71 degrees. no laughing matter.
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a comedian goes on an apology tour. >> an early morning car crash cents a woman and her car plunging 200 feet. >> an incredible story. what's trending on
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our top stories. there will be ceremonies today to mark the second anniversary of the deadliest accident in metro history. nine people died, dozens were hurt when two red line trains collided. metro says it is made a number of safety improvements since the crash. president obama will speak to the nation tonight about fua drawdown in afghanistan.
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20,000 troops will be pulled out later next year. testimony resumes in the casey anthony murder trial. yesterday, a botanist testified that the remains may have bent there for as little as two weeks before they were discovered in december, 2008. breaking news and the george washington parkway after accidents and the car plunging into the potomac river. how the driver managed to escape with minor injuries. >> very lucky morning for this woman. the accident happened not too far from where we are the first overlook. we had some video of what that scene looks like. this multi vehicle accident happened just after 1:00 a.m. this morning. one of the cars involved went off the road plunging 200 feet
5:47 am
into the potomac river. north of spout run exit. the female driver was rescued by park police officers. she only received minor injuries. on that video just how intense the scene was. the park was closed for several hours early this morning. park police investigated the crash. so far there is saying no cause as well as no charges. new this morning. the washington airport authority expected to pick the former head of the u.s. postal service as its new chief executive. sources tell "the washington post" that jack carter is the leading candidate. he retired from the postal service in december. the board is expected to vote on the position. >> 5:47. more parents are expressing
5:48 am
confidence in the d.c. public school system. 53% of those with children and the public's alston school system say they are doing a good or excellent job. hundreds of prince george's county teachers could soon lose their jobs. they approved a $1.6 billion budget that eliminates its many as 700 teaching positions. class sizes would increase, but the plan salvages programs that were on the chopping block. 5:48. time for traffic and weather. a muggy day? it will stick around for another couple of days. showers and thunderstorms. >> my dog knows this. head over to annapolis.
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a nice morning shipping offic -- shaping up for us. a better chance for showers and thunderstorms later on this afternoon. 74 degrees at reagan national. head over to george washington university, current temperature 71. temperatures in the 60's. 68 degrees in cumberland. temperatures will slowly warm during the morning and afternoon hours. a few showers to the west, potomac highlands shenandoah valley, now beginning to fizzle out, across. gummer county toward frederick. should not cause any problems -- across montgomery county towards frederick. we could have some stores this afternoon, some could have the potential to be strong. a better chance for severe weather as we move into the day tomorrow. 88-93 degrees.
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the extended outlook shows a chance for showers on friday and saturday. highs near 93 upper 80's on sunday and monday with thunderstorms in your neighborhood. check-up, our interactive radar. you can track the storms as they move across our area. let's take a look at traffic. if your commute takes you through montgomery county and portions of damascus, barack fell gaithersburg or germantown several of the traffic signals are out of sync with one another because of the storms that knocked them off the signal. so you know how it is when the signal it may turn green but the one ahead of that is red. don't block the box. pack your patience and a little extra time. we take you into virginia and look at 66 because they are clearing overnight construction westbound leaving the roosevelt bridge and glebe road.
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everything open through rosslyn ballston and falls church. 5:50 now. with high gas prices, toyota is targeting its latest prius. apple tweaking the ipad. >> let's go to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters. >> i don't know if you' arere techies, the current iphone 4 has a 5 megapixel camera. the new iphone 5 with upgrade to 8. it is slated for release in september. apple is testing a new version of the ipad that has a high- resolution screen that is more responsive to touch.
5:52 am
toyota is looking to rollout a new version of prius aimed at young, hip families. it has more cargo space. elsewhere, another big bank paying a big fight over faulty market practices. jpmorgan chase will settle with the sec. this as the housing market was in a collapse. it does not admit or deny any wrongdoing. that's business news. i'm linda bell. it turns out what jpmorgan at chase settled for is less than what they make in a week. >> 5:52. i' m not sure what the temperature is.
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i cannot
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>> i pride myself on 18 years of stand-up of using it to heal people and not hurt. that was my whole thing. i heard people with this. >> comments from comedian tracy morgan. he held a news conference and national to apologize for a
5:56 am
rant he made during a performance of their earlier this month. he said that if his son was gay he would pull out a knife and stab him. one of the world's best known designers is headed from the catwalk to the courtroom. galliano goes on trial today on charges that he hurled anti- semitic comments at a couple in france. he could spend six months in prison and face $31,000 in fines. >> very unfortuante. they are so talented. hateful language. >> all lot of times the committee's push the envelope and they don't think. >> you need to think. >> fans at last night's rangers
5:57 am
game are part of a new world record. they handed out 30,000 pairs of sunglasses to said a record for most people wearing sunglasses in the dark. everyone put on the glasses at the end of the sixth inning for 10 minutes. among the fans, president george w. bush. the guinness book of world records was on hand to confirm the new world record. yep. wow. >> greta it was last night. [laughter] >> fabulous, darling. >> all lot more to come
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>> straight ahead a somber anniversary -- two years since the metro's deadliest crash and family members mourn the victims. >> president obama is set to unveil plans for a drawdown in afghanistan. how many troops will be coming home? >> first, why it could be a slower than usual ride to work for drivers in montgomery county. good morning washington >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning


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